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Fun With Keyboard
(1) Beginner Level 

(2) Intermediate Level

(3) Performance Level



(2) Intermediate Level (Fees remain same S$246.00 for 8 lessons throughout your progress in level 4,5,6)
This is specifically designed to further stretch the potential of our young students who wish to challenge themselves on their music journey! As graduates of F.W.K - Beginner Level, students should have an elevated sense of music knowledge and awareness and be able to apply those skills in the intermediate course easily. More to it, students will gain a better understanding of note voicings, note phrasings, left and right-hand independence as well as more sophisticated rhythms compared to the previous books. Finger exercises will also be a focal point in the lessons where students will learn to play scales, arpeggios, chromatic scales etc. This series will further include genres like classical music, jazz blues, pop, ragtime and more! 

Through every lesson at Music Dreamz School, we hope to redefine music appreciation and make music lessons enjoyable for students of any age. Have fun grooving to the songs in this series of books. 

Children need some prior music knowledge to join the class for higher learning in the intermediate level. Suitable for children ages 7 to 16 years old. 

Tap here to book a 20 mins free trial

(3) Performing Level 
Not limiting the potential of our existing students in the intermediate level, we also have a higher level music course for them to further enhance their skills in playing the keyboard and piano. 

Let's discover the hidden musical talent in your child and start nurturing them.
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